Thursday, January 10, 2008

The world needs a vacation

No more needless work that contributes nothing
but misery to the world, idle unhappiness, strife,
and the loss of joy in daily life. Work is the culprit
(not livelihood or preoccupation, but rather that
which robs us of the freedom to make authentic
use of our time through ritual enslavement).

Work, progress, efficiency. Stratification, solidification,
over-population, degeneration, mortification, strangulation.
Production is the other side of the coin of consumption.
The world needs a permanent vacation.

Work is energy. Energy provides action and emotion. A society
of drones lacks both. Ritualistic work forces the public
into ordered frenzy. Beneath the veil lies a very simple
secret: pleasure. Make the universe the ocean of your

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