Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nuclear first-strike, NATO, and the club of fools

Now that the world economy is starting to strain and the price of oil shows no sign of weakening, some of the world's political geeks and post-colonial war crafters are starting to show their true colors having convened in a recent NATO club of fools meeting. They cite things like the dark side of globalization, climate change, "energy security", and religious and political fanaticism. The "nation states" are at risk of weakening. To tackle the issues of an increasingly brutal world - which of course has certainly been aided by our wars of resource allocation and nation building, they are seeking more powers to act to worsen the situation by creating additional brutality in the world, it seems, paving the way further for first strike nuclear options to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction, of all things. Those issues will likely be discussed at a meeting in April. Too bad we appear to be incapable of writing a new script as old habits just die too hard.,,2244782,00.html

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